Kyle Moran Strength & Conditioning

Kyle Moran is a personal trainer who specializes in strength & conditioning for athletes at any level. He brings over 20 years’ experience working with people at any fitness level to help them meet their goals. 

Working in a gym environment here in Pickering, Kyle gets his clients on a program for success, in their sport, their fat loss journey or their desire to build a fitter version of themselves.

He also has extensive experience working with high performing athletes, having trained and coached members of our national rowing team, professional MMA fighters and OFSAA level wrestling champs and the OHL to name a few.

His dedication to his clients and drive to help them reach their goals comes from years of practice, both in his own athletic career in football, rugby, wrestling and boxing followed by years of coaching the same sports. Kyle has been coaching high school football since 1995 and over 100 of his students went on to play University football.  


Kyle's Clients have included: 

Juwann Burgess -  OFAAA Wrestling Champion

Matt Kendall - UFC, Friday Night Fights, WAKO 

Matt Pepe - Captain, Kitchener Rangers 

Bridget Moran - PAC 12 champion and 2nd in the NCAAs for Cal Berkley, Junior Olympics in Bejing