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Stefanie Herron

Stefanie Herron Personal Trainer

Founder of Pickering Personal training, Stefanie has been providing in home training and nutrition guidance since 2010 and is passionate about spreading health and wellness. Her goal is to get you as excited about your journey to health and wellness as she is! 

Nikki Holm


Nikki has been a Personal Trainer since 2006 and a Holistic Nutritionist since 2002. Not only is she a dedicated and enthusiastic trainer, she has also been nominated as CanFitPro's trainer of the year. Nikki provides in home training in the                           Pickering and Ajax area.

Rob Lakics


Rob provides training both in-home as well as at our designated  facility in Pickering.  He specializes in strength and conditioning, Muay Thai, functional strength and Police/Fire physical test preparation.

Angela Woppman

Angela Woppman

Angela specializes in hormonal fat loss, corrective exercise, metabolic interval training, and kickboxing. She provides in home personal training in the Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax area.



In Home Training

In-home personal training allows you to work out in a setting that is both comfortable and convenient.  

There is no need to worry about wether you have equipment –  we will arrive with everything we need to  have a great workout! With a personal trainer, you have a guide on your road to health and fitness. 

Whether you have a small space, or an entire basement to work in, you can do this. 

We take each of our students to heart and truly partner with them on their journey. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, it doesn’t matter what you think you can’t do, it matters that you are taking the step.



Nutritional Support

Sound nutrition is a major component of any fitness, health and wellness program. It’s too easy in our fast paced and busy lives to rely on convenient, processed foods to feed ourselves and our families – but unfortunately, in many cases these foods lead to weight gain and health issues.

We work with each of our students on an individual level to help them transition into a healthier way of eating with a focus on whole, fresh ingredients. Nutrition shouldn’t be rocket science. We help you to keep it simple and sustainable. 

As with fitness, one program and one approach does not fit all. When developing meal plans we work very closely with each person. We learn personal and family tastes, habits, ‘go-to’ meals and daily scheduling issues. From there we develop a plan together to transition into an achievable, sustainable lifestyle change.

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