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After spending far too much money on yearly gym memberships that only got used in the month of January when I had the short-term self-motivated drive to do something about my weight, I sought out an alternative that would hold me accountable.                                             

I found Pickering Personal Training online. I sent an email and Stefanie contacted me right away for a consult. She drove out to my house and we sat and discussed my goals, my current health, diet and exercise routine (all of which were not great), and we set an appointment for my first training session. In truth, I figured I’d do one or two sessions and quit – that’s my normal M.O. when it comes to my regular body maintenance. 

That was about 5 months ago. I now have a weekly session with Stefanie, my own personal Wonder Woman, who not only pushes me to do far more than I thought I could, but she’s actually made me think about my food choices ‘every day’.

I have suffered from Urticaria and Oedema for many years and take medication daily to help control the symptoms. Since meeting with Stefanie, she has given the some amazing advice about nutrition and inflammatory foods to avoid – I now only need to take my medication every third day on average.

I cannot say enough about Pickering Personal Training. One day a week Stefanie shows up with a smile, an armload of equipment and a workout routine that targets muscles I thought had long been lost!


I have been training with Stef for the past 4 months. I had just had my second born in July and had weight to lose from the first and second – a total of 45 pounds! In just 4 months I have already lost 20 pounds. 

 feel stronger and much better about myself. Stef has been a pleasure to work with – she helped me change my whole diet (I was eating really unhealthy before) – this is the healthiest I have felt in a very long time.

Her training sessions are intense and she helped me build up my strength to tackle exercises that I couldn’t even do before.

Not only is she a great personal trainer but she has also become a friend – she makes you feel comfortable & is willing to go above and beyond to help with any questions you have. She comes to your home so it is very convenient for me as I have two kids and she also brings all of the equipment with her! 

She makes the training sessions fun and interactive – I would strongly recommend her to anyone!


When I started to train with Nikki, I wasn’t sure how well this will go. I definitely have some weight to lose. I have my personal limitations and some very unique medical challenges which make it very difficult to follow an exercise program.  My inactivity and poor posture had resulted in early arthritis. I have a very busy work and social life, which makes it difficult to adhere to any diet plan. 

Everything has started to improve since I started working with Nikki.

What I particularly liked about Nikki was that she looked at me as a whole as opposed to giving me some exercises and counting the sets and reps. It took a bit of time but she first helped me build some flexibility to be able to workout and has been building my body gradually from there on.

Nikki discussed with me what I ate and helped me identify what foods I should eat, and which ones I should avoid within my life preferences. She has worked with me to build my strength and endurance, working with my limitations and abilities.

I feel so much better since I have started working with her. I feel a lot more energy and am eating better. I am sure working with Nikki, I will be able to achieve my fitness goals and strength for life. As an added bonus, she is so much fun to work with and I enjoy every movement of my workout. I feel excited and happy to go to gym since I have started working with her. 

She is simply amazing and I will recommend her to every one without any hesitation.


I have been training with Stefanie since June of 2016. I started with a mission to get in shape for my friend’s wedding, but the wedding has come and gone and I am still going strong.

Through working with Stefanie 2 days a week I have seen better and faster results than I have ever experienced through going to the gym or attending fitness classes. Not only have I seen physical changes, but

I feel so much heathier and can run farther than I have ever been able to in my life. My diet has also improved drastically through Stefanie’s coaching. She doesn’t preach about food and has never made me feel bad about my diet slip ups.

She models a healthy lifestyle and it really just inspires you to follow in her footsteps. Beyond all these improvements, I look forward to our workouts. I warned Stefanie early in our sessions that one of my biggest challenges with fitness was boredom. She listened, and continues to create new and fun workouts that keep me guessing.

I would highly recommend Stefanie to anyone looking to make a healthy change in their life. She is fabulous!


My wrestling started at a very young age, most of my life it was at a very high level. In 2011 And 2012 I became a Canadian National Team Member and competed at the Pan American Championship in 2011 and the World Championships in 2013. After both tournaments I came to the same conclusion, I needed to build my muscular strength to better myself internationally.

I met Kyle Moran in 2013 and started training with him just after placing 4th at OFSAA. I worked with Kyle multiple times a week to build both my muscular strength and endurance.

At the time I had a fully torn ACL in my left knee and was scheduled for surgery and was told by the doctors to strengthen the muscles around the knee before surgery to help speed up my recovery.

I thought my competitive wrestling career was probably over but working with Kyle, I built up the strength in my knee and made the ultimate decision to postpone my surgery until the following and wrestle my senior year. 

That year I won Gold at the 2014 OFSAA Championship, The 2014 Provincial championships and 2014 National championships.

Not only did training with Kyle make me bigger, faster and, stronger I was able to get to a level that a wouldn’t have been able to get to on my own.


’ve been training with Nikki for almost 4 months now and she’s an amazing trainer. Nikki is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session
challenging (& somehow fun). I’ve lost 30 pounds already and my fitness has increased noticeably.

I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more core
exercises, lift progressively heavier weights and generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts.

Thank you
so much, Nikki I wouldn’t be able to do it without you. You are the best!