Nutritional Support

We all need a helping hand. Learn to eat well and make a true lifestyle change.

Nutritional Support

Coaching with Registered Professionals

Sound nutrition is a major component of any fitness, health and wellness program. It’s too easy in our fast paced and busy lives to rely on convenient, processed foods to feed ourselves and our families – but unfortunately, in many cases these foods lead to weight gain and health issues.

We work with each of our students on an individual level to help them transition into a healthier way of eating with a focus on whole, fresh ingredients. Nutrition shouldn’t be rocket science. We help you to keep it simple and sustainable.

As with fitness, one program and one approach does not fit all. When developing meal plans we work very closely with each person. We learn personal and family tastes, habits, ‘go-to’ meals and daily scheduling issues. From there we develop a plan together to transition into an achievable, sustainable lifestyle change.

Our Nutrition Experts

Shana Daniel

RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Eyal Fishman

Certified Brain Health Coach, Certified Nutritional Microscopist

Registered Holistic Nutritionists

We have also recently partnered with a dynamic team of nutrition professionals. Shana Daniel RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Eyal Fishman, Certified Brain Health Coach and Certified Nutritional

Microscopist who are both also Certified Metabolic Balance Coaches.

As a Registered professional, combined with the expertise of a brain and nutritional coach, they are a duo offering the best of all a client needs when developing new sound healthy eating habits to parallel the benefits of fitness.

They are also two expertised professionals guiding their clients to success with the scientifically proven effective Metabolic Balance program.

Whether you choose to work with them through their long term guidance, or as coaches to help you on your journey, you are assured that your body’s nutritional requirements will be met.

Additionally, they offer many value added services as part of their coaching model, one which is included is the fit3d pro scan which allows you to track your progress with precise measurements and much more. A true asset to any client’s fitness regime who wants to enhance their results and break the boundaries of average vs. excellence.

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is an incredibly individualized 3 month program that looks in-depth at YOUR blood chemistry and creates a nutritional plan geared to optimizing your metabolism.

We’ve tried it, and it works. That is why we are please to partner with Shana and Eyal in bringing this to our clients.